Site de free lancers (frilas) lança agência

Liga o site gringo de frilas Elance.com, associado ao Ebay, uscambau. Milianos a banca lá paga uma de marketplace de agentes independentes, prestadores de serviços autônomos, pá e tal, ligeiro lançou uma correria estilo agência. Vai vendo: tiozinho ceo da goma mandou uma rima explicando q a fita é tipo pra atrair cliente q não está acostumado a trampar com esquema frila. Se o bagulho estrumbar, a idéia e juntar lado a lado os clientes novos da agência com os frilas cadastrados no site. Daquele jeito. Olha a conversa:

08:28 pm ET May 10, 2005
Elance Announcement

More than ever, Elance Online is dedicated to helping
your business grow. In the last 12 months we presented
you to qualified buyers by generating a quarter of a
billion search impressions through our organic and
paid search campaigns. We funded over 3 million search
visits targeted directly to your categories, generated
leads to over 65,000 projects, enabled buyers to
contact you directly by opening our policies and
product, and transacted over 115,000 secure payments
worldwide. We expanded our categories to help buyers
request more of your services and - based directly on
your feedback - we've taken initial steps to make it
easier for you to find and bid on their projects.

We have also conducted extensive market research to
better understand buyer needs and profiles. We learned
that many Elance Online visitors leave unfulfilled
because they cannot describe the projects they need or
are uneasy about reviewing bids and awarding a
project. Our research pointed to an opportunity to
greatly expand the potential reach of our offering by
introducing an even simpler way to buy services.

This week's launch of Elance Agency is aimed at
attracting those new buyers - who would not otherwise
use Elance Online today. These buyers require a simple
and low-effort way to purchase customized marketing
materials. These buyers do not have the ability or
patience to describe their own projects and select and
manage their own service providers. In short, they do
not post projects or purchase "Buy Nows" through
Elance Online.

Elance Agency will offer simple, fixed-price,
pre-defined packages for logos, brochures, and
websites. These packages will be merchandised as
products in a new web site under the Elance brand. By
introducing a much larger set of buyers to the
benefits of outsourcing and the Elance brand, we
expect to increase your opportunities in two ways.
First, we expect that over time, Elance Agency
customers will "graduate" into Elance Online buyers.
Second, we will be engaging Elance Online service
providers to fulfill Elance Agency business. (More on
this below.)

The Elance Online marketplace will continue to be the
ideal solution for thousands of savvy service buyers
who use the marketplace each month to outsource their
projects. They value the opportunity to describe their
projects and choose the best talent. 75% of our buyers
today return to Elance Online - a testament to the
value that the marketplace generates and the caliber
of services you provide.

We thank you again for your dedication, great ideas,
and support. You have made Elance Online the preferred
destination to conduct services online. Most
importantly, you've made it more than just a place to
"find work" - you've made it a place to grow your
business, pursue opportunities, and nurture customer

We are excited and eager to work with you throughout
2005 and beyond.


Fabio Rosati
President & CEO
Elance Inc.

Sentiu firmeza? Se virar, virou.
A revolução não será televisionada!

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-> Arquivo: 6.5.2005 : Teletrabalho e gerenciamento de projetos online, Evhead, Sproutliner.com e Backpackit.com
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