Deize Tigrona e Edu K no video clip Sex-O-matic

Liga nóis nova correria do Edu K, q milianos representava no De Falla e ligeiro tenta a sorte na levada do rock com Miami bass colando lado a lado com a Deize Tigrona da injeção. Tiozinho endolando a fita chamada de Frenétiko na gravadora gringa Man Recordings, se pam saindo do forno neste mês, março de 2006 pá e tal. Baile punk, o bonde dos carecas, vixi, já é. Vai vendo video clip da faixa Sex-O-matic:

Liga q no site da Man Recordings tem entrevista onde o Edu K manda o salve como pagou um pau pro funk carioca e como foi o esquema com a Deize, uscambau. Olha a conversa:
Edu K "FRENÉTIKO" - Release: MARCH 27 2006
(...) In 2000, Edu K produced the album "Miami Rock 2000". The album was a salute from the punk rockers to Rio de Janeiro's baile funk movement. For Edu K, the bass sound from the favelas of the sugarloaf city was punk in it's very essence reborn. Only that with baile funk, it wasnt three chords and a singer that made a song and a group, but three sampled loops and a street casted MC. Parallelly is the music's energy level as the DIY ethic of baile funk. "Miami Rock 2000" featured the track "Popozuda Rock n'Roll", which became a big hit in Brazil, and an anthem amongst Rio's funkeiros. The heavy metal rap song with the memorable chorus of big bootied girls in tight jeans was extensively played in the baile parties all across town. In 2004, "Popozuda Rock n'Roll" was released on the seminal compilation "Rio Baile Funk Favela Booty Beats" (Essay Recordings). From there, it was licensed for a Coca Cola TV advert campaign in Germany, landed on the famous mix CD by Belgium's A-List-Djs The Glimmers, and has become a steady burner on international freestyle dancefloors ever since.

And now Edu K presents his newest musical effort, the "Frenétiko" album. It's the next level of Edu Ks musical vision in fusing a multitude of highly energetic musical styles into a big new sound. Call it baile punk, samba reggaeton or electro punk funk – Edu K's "Frenétiko" album is Brazil’s new millenium answer to the post local, post genre musical era we live in. (...)

When did you first hear of Rio Baile Funk?
I'm from the good ol' days of Marlboro's Funk Brasil compilations, when he n' Rio funk first hit big nation wide in mid 80's / early 90's. I totally loved it from the moment I've heard it – I was already a huge Miami bass fan so, I just connected the dots, y'know? Later on, when I was producing a band of some friends of mine in Rio, Tubarões Voadores, I discovered the radio stations that only played Montagens all day long (a Rio funk syle with no vocals or rap, where the dj cuts n' paste phrases from some popular tv shows, movies or whatever stuff that was popular at the time over the beats) n' I totally went APE!!! That shit was ROCKIN'!!! I remember telling a rock magazine at the time that Rio funk was the music of the future – the 90's D.I.Y. – n', of course they laughed in my face! Look who's laughin' now? Hheheheeh!!!!!

How did you meet Deize Tigrona?
There's this friend of mine, Denise Garcia, that did a real cool movie about Rio funkeiras, the girls of the scene, "Sou Feia Mas Tô Na Moda" ("I'm Ugly But I'm Trendy") n' the star of the movie is Deize! She REALLY rocks! I totally loved Deize n' Denise introduced me to her. So we started talking about doin' something together and I did a rock rmx of her track "Injeção" (the one that inspired M.I.A.'s "Bucky Done Gun") and later on she did this amazing cameo in Sex-O-Matic, my new single, which she co-wrote as well. She's a real natural born star!

(... continua, com mp3 pra baixar )


29.4.2006 : Sou Feia Mas Tô na Moda, documentário de Denise Garcia

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