Inventor do Bittorrent rimando na Revista Fortune

an ad in I-D magazine=bram cohen really does have this thing (asperger's)

Vai vendo entrevistinha milidias com tiozinho q inventou o software p2p onde a molecada baixa vídeo, software, invenção mil graus q tem o dom de distribuir bagulho pesado pela net, daquele jeito. Olha a conversa, tipo copy paste de uns trechos da reportagem q saiu dia 17/10/2005:
Fortune.com - BITTORRENT: THE GREAT DISRUPTER, copy no site P2Pnet.net
Torrential Reign
Bram Cohen’s BitTorrent software made it a cinch to pirate films on the Internet. So why is Hollywood on his side?
By Daniel Roth
What he came up with was BitTorrent, a deceptively simple program that has grown into the hottest way to download anything bigger than a music file—from the legal (like militaryvideos.net’s amateur videos of the war in Iraq) to the infringing. It makes pirating a copy of the latest movie out of Hollywood a snap. All it takes is a free download of the BitTorrent software—something 45 million people have done—and anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. TorrentSpy, a site unrelated to Cohen that helps people find content available for download, averages more than 600 new BitTorrent files a day. A sampling: Microsoft Office 2003, Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, episode two of CBS’s Ghost Whisperer (in high definition, for serious Jennifer Love Hewittians), plus a file containing over 400 Amazing Spider-Man scanned-in comics. Those huge files have made BitTorrent one of the biggest forces on the Internet, accounting for more than 20% of its traffic at any one time. That’s double the volume generated by the most common Internet activities combined: clicking on web pages, sending and receiving mail and spam, even streaming videoclips.
Before BitTorrent, large file transfers basically operated like the world’s slowest Blockbuster. You found someone with, say, a movie or show you wanted by going on Kazaa or searching the Net. Then you waited … and waited … and waited … as bit by orderly bit assembled itself on your PC, if it ever did. Cohen’s brainstorm was to break the file into pieces—typically about 1,000—and share the pain of the transfer among many downloaders. The BitTorrent software runs on a user’s machine and “talks” to other users who are trying to download the same file, automatically bartering for the pieces they each need (see diagram). The more users, the faster the download. Cohen also filled the program with canny details: For example, when a file first goes up, machines can download chunks only as fast as they upload them, deterring freeloaders who want to receive but not give. The program also always tries to snag the rarest piece of the file first. The idea? The more machines that have that rare piece, the less rare it becomes.

The first real world test of whether the principles would work on any large scale came in 2003, when open-source software company Red Hat released its Red Hat Linux 9 operating system. Demand for the product was so strong that downloaders crippled Red Hat’s servers. Eike Frost, a computer science student at Germany’s University of Oldenburg, however, had managed to get a copy. He ran it through BitTorrent, then posted a link to popular tech site Slashdot, inviting folks to come and get it. The swarm was immediate. Within three days the Red Hatters traded 21.15 terabytes of data—equivalent to more than all the books in the Library of Congress. At the peak, nearly 4,500 computers were swapping pieces of the file at any one time, uploading and downloading at a rate of 1.4 gigabits each second. Frost estimates that if he had leased a line to handle that much traffic, it would have cost him $20,000 to $60,000. Instead he paid his usual $99 server hosting bill.

Sentiu firmeza?
Se pam em pindorama vira misturar bittorrent p2p com distribuição em dvd sob medida em camelô, um mano baixa e outro encarta em cd-rom, banca de jornal, uscambau. Acesso grátis dial up lado a lado com cabo banda larga ou satélite, tudo no bolinho. Daquele jeito.
A revolução não será televisionada!

-> Arquivo: 18.5.2005 : Netflix e distribuição de vídeo copyleft descentralizado
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